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First off, [personal profile] vilakins has made me co-mod here, so, hello! *waves*

More importantly, [personal profile] vilakins has also imported [community profile] b7fic and [community profile] b7friday over from LJ. Both were brought over primarily for archival purposes, as they contain some fic that aren't available anywhere else. However, as both mods are still very much around, please do go over and join, rifle around in, and post to both as you wish.

In particular, we would like to know if there is any interest in reviving the weekly flashfic comm, [community profile] b7friday?

We would be happy to do so if people would like it - you can find out more over at the comm, but basically a prompt is posted once a week (on Fridays) and you have the rest of the week to create a fanwork in response to that prompt. In the meantime, if you want to have a go at any of the previous prompts, we have placed it and its original over on LJ on amnesty, so feel free!

Please do comment here or at the comm if you would be interested, and if so, I shall pimp the comm around more generally.
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I've just set this community up for Blake's 7 fans on Dreamwidth. B7-related discussion, announcements, links etc are all welcome. Please see the community profile for the very basic rules.


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