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A multifandom commentfest for tiny to medium British fandoms of all kinds. All fanworks welcome. (Click on the banner for the link.)
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[community profile] blakefest has just finished. You can view the masterlist of fic, art, vids and meta here.
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[community profile] blakefest is a multimedia fest celebrating Blake's 7 around the holiday season. Sign up from now until the 14th of December to prompt and make fic, art, podfic and/or vids. Assignments go out on Gauda Prime Day and are due back in between the 23rd and 25th of February.

Rules are here.
Sign-up post is here.
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Anyone interested in a Blakes 7 Kink Meme?

If you are, go here b7_kinkmeme (sorry, it's on livejournal).

What is a Kink Meme?
A community where people post anonymously (or not, go with what you feel) with prompts. Other people fill the prompts. Yet more people rejoice at delicious Blakes 7 content. The "kink" part of "kink meme" implies that there must be some hardcore porn involved, but i don't mind if your prompt is 'Vila and Avon rob a bank, lols.', 'Gan hugs everyone.', or 'Jenna, Cally and Blake discuss their haircare regimes.'. Alternately, it's fine is your prompts are 'Avon/Blake, sex with the Liberator's tentacles', 'Jenna/Servalan, pegging', 'Dayna/Justin, underage'.

What do you want from me?
Prompts, fic, art. Also politeness, respect for other people's weirdness, maybe a brief warning if your prompt/fill contains non-con/dub-con/excessive violence/underage/BEN STEED.


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