4 Jul 2015

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The official announcement that Hermit Library would be moving to AO3 went up today. The import will start in a month to give any Hermit contributors time to either ask questions or request that their work not be imported.

The main post has answers to a lot of FAQs, but here are the most relevant points/some additional points:

1. Nobody's work will be imported if they say no.
2. Nobody's work will be imported if it is already on AO3!
N.B. If any mistakes are made regarding the above, and hopefully they won't be, it will be a result of human error and a lot of similar files, etc. Point 3 then comes into immediate effect.
3. Authors can remove or ask for their work to be removed from AO3 at any point
4. Imported fics can either be linked to existing AO3 accounts, or not, as the author specifies (and fics can be backdated so they don't block your current fics)
5. Essays and filks will also be imported, with the same caveats above
6. The import will be done manually by humans
7. Hermit will be closed at some point because it's costing money, but before that Judith and I are trying to arrange that almost all content is archived either on AO3 or somewhere else that people will be able to access

My final point is not an answer to a question - it's a plea from me as a lover of Blake's 7 fanfiction and fandom history, and someone who has recently taken their own medicine and uploaded a lot of late '90s Harry Potter fic they are vaguely ashamed of to the Archive:

Please, even if you are embarrassed by your old fic/don't think it accurately reflects the way you'd write now, do consider allowing your work to be imported. This will ensure it is preserved, and (even while Hermit exists) that it will be more searchable. Someone will enjoy your fic, however old it is. Possibly a lot of someones. If you have ever been frustrated to discover that a book you wanted to read was out-of-print, please consider how future fans may feel when they discover that they could once have read that Vila/Cally epic but now it's gone/inaccessible.

I also think it's important to represent how the fandom used to be. Only by learning from the past can we understand our present, etc.

Please also do consider uploading any of your zine fic that has never been on the internet to AO3! I'm very happy to help with that too.

Any questions, please let me know here or at hermitlibrary.archivist@gmail.com


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